September 16, 2023

DZOFILM PAVO 2X Anamorphic Lens Are Finally Here

DZOFILM's new PAVO 2X anamorphic lens collection features focal lengths of 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 55mm, 75mm T2.1, and 100mm T2.4. Available in either ARRI PL or Canon EF mounts for Super35 sensors, these lenses come with the option of a blue or neutral coating. They also allow for back-focus adjustments. You can pre-order these lenses now, priced at $5499 for each.

DZOFILM's latest lens collection, known as the PAVO T2.1 2x Anamorphic, comes with six different options and is priced at $30,999. These lenses made their debut at this year's NAB Show in Las Vegas. The company has now officially launched them, setting their price points.

Key Features of PAVO 2X Series

One of the unique aspects of these anamorphic prime lenses is their lightweight and compact design, as they only weigh between 1.2kg to 1.6kg and have a front diameter of just 95mm. Despite their size, they come with a sturdy all-metal exterior in black and space gray colors.

These lenses are compatible with Super35 sensors, which have a 31.5mm image circle, and can also be used with full-frame sensors if teamed with a DZOFILM Marlin expander. They are equipped with interchangeable ARRI PL/Canon EF lens mounts for added flexibility.

Focusing Distances for Each Lens

The lenses in the set have varying minimum focusing distances:

  • 28mm T2.1: 0.40m
  • 32mm T2.1: 0.40m
  • 40mm T2.1: 0.45m
  • 55mm T2.1: 0.60m
  • 75mm T2.1: 0.81m
  • 100mm T2.4: 0.95m

The PAVO 2X series also includes a built-in back-focus feature that enables fine-tuning, making them adaptable to different cameras and lens mounts.

Coating Choices

You have the option to choose between blue and neutral coatings, which will influence the color hue of horizontal flares. According to DZOFILM, these lenses exhibit minimal chromatic aberration and controlled barrel distortion.

Pricing and When to Expect Them

The lenses can now be pre-ordered and come with either imperial or metric scales. Each lens is encased in a durable container and costs $5499. A pack of three lenses is available for $15,999, and a complete set of six lenses is priced at $30,999. Both packs come in their respective hard cases.

Shipping for all focal lengths, except for the 100mm lens, will commence in early October 2023. The 100mm T2.4 lens is expected to ship in December 2023, as per DZOFILM.

Share your thoughts on these new DZOFILM PAVO lenses in the comment section below. Whether you own a set or rent them for projects, we'd love to hear your experiences.